Huge KOREAN FOOD Tour!! ?️ SPICY SEAFOOD + Kimchi Noodles in Koreatown, LA!! [Part 1]

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Welcome to LA and more specifically Koreatown or K-Town, which is one of the biggest areas of Korean food and culture outside of Korea. Today, I’m hanging out with my friend Steve from @Rockstar Eater , and we’re taking you on an ultimate and unforgettable Korean food tour of Los Angeles – Koreatown. In Part 1, we’re eating amazing hand made noodles and dumplings and kimchi, and one of the most insanely delicious Korean restaurants in the city. Let’s get started!

So even though it was all in one day, it was such an extreme day of eating Korean food that I had to divide the video into two parts. This is Part 1, and stay tuned for Part 2 when we eat some of the best Korean bbq in K-Town.

Here’s where we ate:

Mdk Noodles (Myung Dong Kyoja) ( – This is one of the legendary restaurants in Koreatown Los Angeles for fresh made noodles and Korean dumplings. They make everything fresh and the flavors are fantastic. A technique I learned was to take a piece of fresh kimchi, and wrap a mandu dumpling into the kimchi before taking your bite. I’ll never eat another mandu without kimchi again! The noodles were also spectacular and I especially loved the green noodles with all the toppings. Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Merrihue ( for joining us for breakfast.

Soban ( – Next up on this ultimate Korean food tour we went to Soban, one of the legendary restaurants of Los Angeles, and one of Jonathan Gold’s favorites, so it was an honor to have a chance to eat here. The owners were so welcoming and invited us into the kitchen to watch them cook. What I can immediately tell you is that it was one of the most magical displays of Korean food cooking that I’ve ever seen. And the food was just as good as the cooking, so much flavor and such a huge variety of dishes. This is the ultimate home-style Korean food meal in Los Angeles.

And that completes Part 1 of this extreme Korean food tour of LA. Keep watching Part 2 to see Korean BBQ!



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