Extreme Jungle Food!! EATING WHOLE BANANA TREE ? Karen People Thailand!!

Amazing Karen Food in the mountains of Thailand!
? Fruit Mountain in Thailand: https://youtu.be/Fhq8_lgdBnw
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Huge thank you to Khun Mook for taking us on this incredible authentic Karen food expedition. She does tours in Mae Hong Son province of Thailand: https://www.facebook.com/MooksHillTribeCrafts

MAE HONG SON, THAILAND – Welcome to Mae Hong Son, a lesser visited province in northern Thailand on the border of Myanmar and known for its rugged mountains. We met up with Mook and headed off onto the side of the mountain to gather some ingredients for dinner. We gathered Karen chilies, cassava, and then we ended up harvesting an entire banana tree to eat the trunk for dinner.

They made a variety of traditional village Karen dishes including one of the staple dishes of the Karen people, including toasted rice pounded into a powder with a chicken and vegetables. Another dish we had was meat chopped and mixed with a huge amount of mountain herbs and spices and packed into a bamboo pole and roasted over the fire. It was so good because all the herbs and juices of the meat all mingle together in the bamboo.

Finally, to complete our amazing dinner with Mook and her family, you can’t have a Karen food meal without a chili dip. All the ingredients were roasted and pounded, along with juicy tomatoes and fiery chilies.

It was an incredibly special meal and a learning experience and I’m grateful for Mook and her family’s incredible hospitality.

Again, Mook offers authentic Karen tours in her village, and you can contact here here: https://www.facebook.com/MooksHillTribeCrafts

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