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Huge thank you to Khun Mook for taking us on this incredible authentic Karen food adventure. She does tours in Mae Hong Son province of Thailand, contact her here: https://www.facebook.com/MooksHillTribeCrafts

MAE HONG SON, THAILAND (แม่ฮ่องสอน) – On Day 2 of this Karen tribal food tour, Mook and Shikomo took us on a fishing and foraging hike. We started off gathering some fresh tangerines from the orchard before we set off on our trek.

We headed to the river to do some stream fishing the Karen way, with a square net fitted with a bamboo frame. It definitely takes some time and effort, but we did catch quite a few small little fish and some tadpoles as well, which we later cooked. We also gathered some wild herbs and vegetables like ferns and pea eggplants. After fishing and foraging for mountain ingredients, we headed to a rice harvesting shack on the side of the mountain to cook lunch.

For lunch they pounded up some herbs and spices along with the fish and ferns and roasted them in a bamboo pole. Additionally, one of the most unique dishes they made was a soup made with fermented soy bean, hog plums, cold water, pickled and dried mustard greens, and finally some of the grilled fish for flavoring. It was so unique and refreshing and a flavor you can never forget.

It was another day of amazing local Karen tribal food in Thailand thanks to Mook and Shikomo! There’s nothing better than foraging and fishing for food and cooking it on spot – knowing where your food comes from.

Thank you for watching and be sure to check the other videos in this series – Eating Huge Banana Tree: https://youtu.be/macbYqnLdo4



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