Thai Seafood Feast: Family Vacation in Pattaya

Get the recipe for Thai seafood sauce, and see more of our Thai seafood feast here:

One of the reasons we had to come back from Koh Samui so soon ( was because my wife Ying had already made plans months ago with her sister’s and family to take a quick family vacation to a beach house in Pattaya, about an hour from Bangkok on the beach. I really didn’t have much of a clue what we were going to do at the beginning of the day, all I knew is that we rented a car, we were heading to Pattaya, and I was driving.

We left Bangkok at about 8 am after picking up our car, and after getting out of Bangkok we drove to Chonburi, and more specifically to an area called Ang Sila to go to Ang Sila Market (ตลาดอ่างศิลา), one of the best fresh fish and seafood markets in the area. I think it was my first time to go to this market, and I was pretty excited, not only because I love going to markets, but also because I love seafood. Ang Sila Market (อ่างศิลา) is a pretty good sized seafood market, and they have a variety of both dried seafood and snacks, and fresh seafood. We went to the market for the fresh seafood. I was walking around filming and taking as many photo as I could, but my wife and her family started shopping for our Thai seafood feast. They bought a bunch of seafood, probably more than I can remember. This was going to turn out to be a great Thai family vacation to Pattaya!

We got back into the car and drive to Pattaya and arrived to our hotel – a family style beach house at a place called Moonlight On The Sea Resort. Our house was pretty basic, but it was quite nice, facing the sea, with 4 rooms I think, and a really nice open downstairs and full kitchen. It was the type of house that was made for an entire family or a group of friends to come and hang out and eat and enjoy a peaceful side of Pattaya. The house also happened to be right next to the famous Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya – although we didn’t go inside because it has a pretty high entrance fee. After arriving to the beachhouse and checking in, we got straight to cooking all the seafood – ok, they all got straight to cooking, and I watched and took as many photos and videos as I could.

Thai seafood sauce recipe:

Be sure to read the full blog post, which includes a Thai seafood sauce recipe, here:

But I just want to say that one of the best ways to enjoy Thai seafood is to just cook it plain, either boil, grill, or steam, or anything plain, and eat it with what in Thai is called nam jim seafood, or seafood sauce. As long as you have a big bowl of Thai seafood sauce you can cook the seafood completely plain, and you’ll be able to have an amazing Thai seafood meal.

Here are the ingredients for this recipe:

Just crush or grind the garlic and chilies, then mix everything else together in a bowl. You’re not done yet. Part of cooking Thai food is taste testing. You need to taste test to make sure it’s the balance of flavors you’re after. I like mine more sour and spicy, while my family likes it sweeter. So keep mixing and matching until you’ve got a perfect Thai seafood sauce. Let the recipe ingredients just be a guide.

That was really it for the day for this family vacation to Pattaya. I had a great time at Ang Sila Market (อ่างศิลา), and our seafood feast was incredible.

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