How Traditional Pastrami Is Made In New York City | Regional Eats

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Pastrami on rye has been a New York staple since the 1900s. They can be bought at old-school Jewish delis like Pastrami Queen. The cured meat was brought back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when a wave of Eastern European immigrants came to the East Coast. Although delis like Pastrami Queen are nowadays a rarity, pastrami on rye is still a huge part of New York’s soul. The pastrami meat is essentially pickled, which was originally meant to preserve the meat. Pastrami can be cured or brined for 5 days to a whole week and is meant to be juicy and tender. Insider’s Medha Imam takes a closer look at how pastrami is nowadays prepped for NYC delis.

Editor’s Note: The pronunciation for mashgiach was incorrect in this video. We regret the error.

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How Traditional Pastrami Is Made In New York City | Regional Eats

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