Mountain FOOD PARADISE!! ? Backyard Foraging + 2 Village Lunches! | Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand

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UDON THANI, THAILAND – Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์), is an innovative Isan Thai food restaurant in Udon Thani, where Chef Num serves unique dishes using wild and foraged ingredients. The unique flavors, balance of all taste buds, and his herb driven – often medicinal property cuisine – is what makes it so spectacular.

It was a huge honor to spend a day hanging out, eating with, and learning from Chef Num of Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์ and MAK KHANG (หมากแข้ง – two of the most exciting restaurants in Thailand.

After meeting Chef Num, we immediately drove to Sakhon Nakhon, about a two and a half hour drive. We drove to a small village, at the base of a mountain known for its indiginous plant species. It’s one of the villages where Chef Num goes foraging and sources ingredients. We went to the home of Chef Num Noi, a former chef at Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์) who returned to his home and started re-growing and farming some of the rare ingredients from Sakhon Nakhon.

Along with an amazing foraging trip on the moonscape mountain – tasting things along the way – the highlight of our trip to Sakhon Nakhon was lunch – well actually two lunches.

First lunch we had grilled free range chicken with a chili fermented fish chili dip that was out of this world. As well as a dish called “swa gai (ซั่วไก่),” a chicken boil loaded with herbs like rau ram and lemongrass. It was outstanding.

For the second lunch we came back from foraging and the main event of lunch was their special version of “mok nor mai,” a bamboo shoot packet, pounded up with loads of herbs, yangang leaves, and steamed. It was sensational, so many unbelievable layers of flavor.

Foraging and eating Thai Isan food in the village with Chef Num was an amazing experience, and it was amazing to see the knowledge, though process, and respect for traditional and local culture that Chef Num has and that translates back into his modern creative dishes at his restaurants.

We then drove straight back to Udon Thani, and straight to Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์) for dinner.

Keep watching Part 2 for amazing dinner at Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์):

Thank you to Chef Num and to Chef Num Noi for hosting us in Sakhon Nakhon.



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