Thai Pork Stew and Unique Comfort Food (ข้าวพระรามลงสรง)

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In today’s video I eat at a local bangkok Thai restaurant known as Jiew Look Shin Pla Yoawarat (จิวลูกชิ้นปลาเยาวราช). The restaurant is just on the street side of the famous Sriyan Market, which is located in the Dusit area of Bangkok, not too far from Victory Monument.

Thai cuisine is extremely diverse, but at the same time, when you live in Thailand for a long time you start to crave searching out unique and speciality things to eat. So when I heard about this restaurant that served home style Thai Chinese stew among other unique dishes that they only serve, I was quite excited to head over and try out their meals. Started things off with Khao Sa-tew Moo Toon (ข้าวสตูหมูตุ๋น), which included big tender chunks of stewed pork with potatoes and carrots in a soothing gravy. The stew was very similar to western stew with a Chinese flavor to it – similar to some dishes my mother used to cook when I was growing up. The Thai stew was served over a plate of rice and then sprinkled with cilantro and a dash of pepper to top it off. The stew was super comforting, the type of dish you want when you just want meat flavor without my spice.

Next up was the Ba Mee Radna Gai Het Hom (บะหมี่ราดหน้าไก่เห็ดหอม), egg noodles stir fried and combined with a gravy made from chicken and mushrooms. Radna is a very common Thai dish that’s normally served with the Thai wide rice noodles, but instead of using those noodles, they used the egg noodles. The sauce was actually quite similar to the stew, a thick comforting gravy. I was getting full, but there was still one dish I had to sample, Khao Pra Ram Lum Song (ข้าวพระรามลงสรง). This is a homegrown creation for Jiew Look Shin Pla Yoawarat (จิวลูกชิ้นปลาเยาวราช) – they discovered it, and are probably the only restaurant in Bangkok that serves this specific dish. In the short version, it’s basically pork satay over rice. The pork was boiled, placed on top of the rice, and topped in sweet creamy peanut sauce. I really liked the little side accompanying garnishes like the roasted chili sauce and peppers.

This was a unique meal with some decent dishes, and most of all, it was some serious comfort food.

If you’d like to eat here, here’s the information about the restaurant.
Address: 530-532 Talad Sriyan, Thanon Nakhon Chaisri
Phone: 0-2669-5743,08-6830-8947
Hours: 8 am – 5 pm daily
Prices: 35 THB per dish, expect to pay 30 – 50 THB per person
530-532 อาคาร ตลาดศรีย่าน ถนนนครไชยศรี แขวงถนนนครไชยศรี เขตดุสิต กรุงเทพฯ
โทร. 0-2669-5743,08-6830-8947
เปิดทุกวัน เวลา 08.00- 17.00 น.

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