Taco Bell And Milk Bar Are Collaborating On A New Dessert

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The collaboration of the summer is here to fill the Choco Taco sized hole in your heart and stomach. Taco Bell and Milk Bar, two very different but highly beloved and innovative international brands, have teamed up to create a special treat: The Strawberry Bell Truffle.

Taco Bell’s iconic Crunchy Taco shell and New York-based dessert company Milk Bar’s famous truffles are fusing together to form the all-new Strawberry Bell Truffle. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration for the brands, the truffle will be testing at Taco Bell and Milk Bar outposts in two major markets, in Los Angeles and New York.

So what is the Strawberry Bell Truffle? Think of a perfect slice of vanilla cake speckled with strawberry pieces and soaked in strawberry milk, morphed into a convenient bite filled with a sweet corn fudge center. The outside is coated with a sweet and slightly salty strawberry and sweet corn cake coating, studded with tiny pieces of Taco Bell’s Crunchy Taco Shell. The unique coating adds an unexpected burst of flavor and satisfying texture for a one-of-a-kind eating experience.

“A collab with our brilliant friends at Taco Bell has been on my bucket list for some time,” said Christina Tosi, Chef and Founder of Milk Bar. “We white boarded ideas and R&D’ed to seemingly no end, but then the masterminds of our culinary team, led by VP, Anna McGorman, struck sweet gold with this unique dessert that packs such delicious flavor and is a true meeting of minds who love to color outside the lines. We’re pumped for you to take a bite!”

Taco Bell is equally excited to partner with the legendary pastry chef. “The Strawberry Bell Truffle is the first mashup of its kind to be served to consumers on a large, test scale from our brands. This one-of-a-kind truffle is the friendship-fueled fruition of a concept made possible by a mutual dedication to innovation,” said Rene Pisciotti, Executive Chef at Taco Bell Corp. “Christina Tosi and her culinary team worked closely with experts within Taco Bell’s very own Test Kitchen on this collaboration, and we couldn’t think of better partners to learn from and team up with.”

The strawberry and corn flavor combination has been a years-long concept in the works for the culinary teams, as past collaborations at closed door celebrations sparked the desire to share these same test kitchen creations for fans on a wider scale.

The duo’s first mashup, “Dessert Nachos,” was introduced to close friends of the brand at Taco Bell’s annual Friendsgiving event at Taco Bell HQ in November 2018. The “Dessert Nachos” featured all of Milk Bar’s signature cookies cut into triangle “chips” and coated with decadent dark chocolate fudge and vanilla cream “nacho cheese sauce,” and then topped with sprinkles, chocolate chips, almond brittle chunks and sweet & salty crunchies. The nachos were a big hit and sparked the desire for additional test kitchen creations that would end Taco Bell meals with a little something sweet – and thus, the Strawberry Bell Truffle was born.

The sweet and salty treat will be available in stores as a two truffle package for $2.99 beginning August 4 and running through August 16, or until supplies last. Find the treat at at one Taco Bell restaurant in Orange County, CA (14042 Red Hill Ave., Tustin, CA 92780) and at two of Milk Bar’s flagship locations in the Nomad neighborhood of New York, NY (1196 Broadway at 29th Street, New York, NY 10001) and on Melrose in Los Angeles, CA (7150 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046).

Let’s hope the epic dessert nachos hit menus next.

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