Thai Banana Chocolate Crepe (Pancake) เครป

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Yet another popular Bangkok street food dessert or snack is a Thai style crepe or pancake (เครป). You can find them all over the streets, most of the time at small markets, and from roaming motorcycles and street stalls.

The basic Thai crepe (เครป) cart is just a hot skillet that completely flat and heated by a gas tank that slow and evenly distributes fire to heat it up. When the skillet is nice and hot a few spoons of pancake batter and dumped into the middle of the skillet and the vendor proceeds to spread it out evenly using a wooden mallet that looks kind of like a small water scraper. A few circles and the Thai pancake is evenly thin and just takes a few moments to fully cook all the way through.

Next it’s up to you to choose your toppings. Just like lots of Thai street food, you have a choice between sweet and savory, or even a combination of both together. Lots of Thais like dried shredded pork on their crepe pancakes, but I however don’t care so much for that version and decided to go for the sweet version including bananas and chocolate – as the vendor personally recommended that combination for me. After the pancake was fully cooked she proceeded to slice up a banana and evenly layer it over the entire pancake base. From there the busted out the chocolate syrup and began to generously squirt on lots and lots of chocolate. When I thought she was going to let up, she just continued to add more and more chocolate! Finally she determined it was all ready and she then folded the crepe in half and then in quarters. Before serving me, she stuck it into a handheld little cardboard device and gave it to me.

So there in my hand I had a Thai crepe pancake (เครป) filled with bananas and chocolate and piping hot. The crepe was a little crunchy while the bananas and chocolate were hot, sweet, and flavorful. There are many Thai street food desserts and sweets to choose from, and if you like pancakes, you may want to try a Thai banana chocolate crepe!

Music is by Singsiri and the song is called Asking for Her Hand in Marriage.
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