Golden Goose Eggs – BALLOON OMELET!! Rare Jungle Food in Southeast Asia!!

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TRANG, THAILAND (ตรัง) – Today we are going to eat traditional food in Southern Thailand, and we got lucky today with rare goose eggs – and I’m talking about the fluffiest omelet you’ve ever had!

Khrua Boon Ma (ครัวบุญมา – Although the official name of the restaurant is Khrua Boon Ma (ครัวบุญมา), also they call the restaurant as Wan Wan local Trang food (วันวาน). The owner is extremely cool and his aim is to preserve the traditional food and cooking methods of Southern Thai food. I ate a lot of food in Trang, but this my favorite restaurant – I love everything about it. And his catfish curry is probably the best I’ve ever had, ever.

Goose egg omelet – This was my first time to eat a goose egg omelet. Unlike chickens, geese only lay their eggs one or two times per year during the right season. So you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time – and luckily for us – this was the time. To make the Southern Thai style goose egg omelet, she mixed in 5 eggs, with cha om (climbing wattle shoots), some soy sauce, and a plate of chilies and garlic. The omelet was deep fried to a crispy balloon – literally like an inner tube – perfection. Hand down the fluffiest omelet I’ve ever had.

And again, I can not get enough of their catfish curry here, it’s so insanely good, and one of the species curries in Trang. He uses long pepper, huge amounts of galangal, tree basil, and chilies out of control.

Highly highly recommended, one of my favorite restaurants in Thailand. When you’re in Trang, don’t miss it.

📍Khrua Boon Ma (ครัวบุญมา

Total price for everything – 550 THB ($18.33)



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