How Brie De Meaux Cheese Is Made In France | Regional Eats

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Insider’s Claudia Romeo traveled to Seine-et-Marne, France to visit Ferme des 30 Arpents. The farm is one of seven farms making raw-milk Brie de Meaux cheese, and the only one that makes it fermier, which means that the cheese is made by hand solely with milk produced by the 250 cows at the farm. Every day, Ferme des 30 Arpents will make about 300 wheels of Brie de Meaux from its herd’s milk.

Editor’s note: This footage was filmed on February 14, 2020. At present, Ferme des 30 Arpents has implemented preventive measures to ensure everyone’s safety and has adopted the health regulations in force for its production of farmhouse cheeses.

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How Brie De Meaux Cheese Is Made In France | Regional Eats

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