16 Popular Chocolate Desserts Around The World

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Chocolate is rich, sweet, and pairs well with almost anything. It’s one of the most universally beloved desserts in the whole world. From brigadeiro in Brazil to tiramisu in Italy, we’re taking a look at chocolate desserts around the world.

Intro 00:00 – 00:14
Belgium 00:14 – 00:33
Germany 00:33 – 00:49
Mexico 00:49 – 01:00
Brazil 01:00 – 01:16
France 01:16 – 01:31
Nigeria 01:31 – 01:47
Poland 01:47 – 02:02
Japan 02:02 – 02:18
Italy 02:18 – 02:34
United States 02:34 – 02:50
South Africa 02:50 – 03:08
Canada 03:08 – 03:23
Sweden 03:23 – 03:39
Jamaica 03:39 – 03:56
Turkey 03:56 – 04:13
Australia – 04:13 – 04:27
Outro 04:27 – End

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16 Popular Chocolate Desserts Around The World

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