Teens Use DIY Spirit Board To Contact Dead Friend | A Haunting | Travel Channel

Devastated by the senseless murder of their dear friend, Vince, teenagers Julisa and Brittney use a spirit board to communicate with him one last time. In doing so Julisa unwittingly invites an inhuman evil into her home and her life. Terrified, Julisa destroys the spirit board but this proves futile. The malevolent entity lashes out and Julisa has no choice but to tell her mother what she has done. Christal, Julisa’s mother believes that her daughter may have re-ignited an ageless evil that her mother thought she had long ago put to rest. Will the dark terror continue to plague Julisa and her mother or will they find a way to rid themselves of the evil forever?

Terrifying true stories of the paranormal are told by the people who experienced them. The mystery and origin of each haunting is unraveled through first-person accounts and dramatic reenactments, leaving a lingering sense that life — and death– are far stranger than ever imagined.
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