Beitou Hot Springs Tour and HUGE Countryside Taiwanese Chinese Food Feast! (Day 7)

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Day 7 in Taiwan, was one of our best days so far. Ying and I woke up at our new hotel, and we decided to go on a quick day trip to Beitou hot springs, a famous area in Taipei, where there’s a natural hot water spring, and home to quite a lot of history, attractions and relaxing hotels. It was very easy to get from central Taipei to Beitou by using public transportation on the train, and it took about 30 minutes to get from central Taipei to Xin Beitou station. From Xin Beitou station, we walked over to the hot springs area.

2:15 Beitou Public Library
The first place we arrived on our day trip to Beitou hot springs was the Beitou Public Library. The library is fully in use, but the reason it’s popular to visit and it’s kind of an attraction is because of its unique architecture and its eco friendly design. We didn’t spend more than a few minutes there, but just looked at it from the outside and then took a quick peek inside.

2:45 Beitou Hot Springs Museum
One of the main attractions at Beitou is the hot springs museum, originally the original Japanese bathhouse in Beitou. It’s not a huge museum, and the price is free, so it’s a good place to just check out for a few minutes before moving on.

3:29 Beitou Plum Garden
I thought it was just going to be a garden with plums, but it was actually the former home of a famous Chinese calligrapher. The house was another quick stop on our day trip, but worth the quick visit.

3:52 Beitou Hot Springs – Public Bath
The time finally came to visit the main attraction at Beitou, the hot springs. They have many higher end spas and hotels with private baths, but I went for the public Taiwanese style hot spring bath. They didn’t allow any photography inside, but it was pretty nice and I enjoyed soaking in the natural hot water for a few minutes before moving on with our day.

4:54 Thermal Valley
One of the most famous things to see in Beitou is the Thermal Valley, a big pool of water that’s boiling hot and is the source of the hot springs for Beitou. The water is really hot and there’s not swimming so it’s more of just a viewpoint and a place to take photos.

While there, we met up with Joe, Raymond, and his Father, by random chance. They were visiting from California and were spending the day at the Beitou hot springs and were en-route to have lunch and go to another hot spring and invited us to go along with them.

6:32 Epic Taiwanese Country Style Farm Lunch
Along with Joe, Raymond, and his Father, we drove through the mountains and after about 45 minutes we arrived at a small local style hot spring where we were going to have lunch. They did all the ordering and we were soon faced with what was one of the best Taiwanese food meals I had the entire trip to Taiwan. All the food was home style cooked, and tasted very country style, and everything was delicious. I especially enjoyed the deer on the hot plate and the roast quail.

On Day 7 in Taiwan, we planned to just take a day trip to Beitou hot springs, but completely unplanned, it turned into one of the best days of our trip and one of the best meals as well.

Big thank you to Joe, Raymond, and his Father for inviting us!

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