Thai Chinese Street Food – HEAD SIZED MEAT BALLS at 100-Year Sam Chuk Market! | ลูกชิ้นยักษ์

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Sam Chuk Market – 100 Years (ตลาดสามชุก 100 ปี) – Located in Suphanburi, about an hour and half outside of Bangkok is Sam Chuk Market – a historical Thai Chinese merchant community that has welcomed visitors to walk around their community, shop, and eat delicious food. I had actually visited a long time ago, but it was time for another food visit. #ThaiFood #ChineseFood #Thailand #streetfood

Here’s all the Thai street food I tried in this video:

Lotus leaf rice (ข้าวห่อใบบัว) – This is a famous snack to eat at Sam Chuk Market (ตลาดสามชุก), rice and toppings steamed in a lotus leaf. At first it seems a little dry, but then it’s actually quite tasty and addictive. Price – 35 THB ($1.14)

Traditional Coffee Shop (ร้านกาแฟท่าเรือส่ง) – This coffee shop is so cool, and the family that still runs it are friendly and welcoming. I loved her traditional Thai Chinese coffee skills and the entire atmosphere of the coffee shop. Coffee – 20 THB ($0.65)

Giant meatball (ลูกชิ้นยักษ์) – One of the most famous things to eat at Sam Chuk market are the giant sized meatballs – which are literally head sized. To my surprise they are actually pretty decent quality, all meat, no flour, and with a nice black pepper taste. Even better with chili sauce. Not something I’d jump to eat, but I was surprised how good they are. Price – 200 THB ($0.65)

Khanom Dok Jok (ขนมดอกจอก) – Next on this Thai street food tour of Sam Chuk Market we had flower cookies, deep fried to a crisp. Price – 20 THB ($0.65)

Sorghum Dessert (ขนมข้าวฟ่างใบเตย) – Back at the coffee shop around middle of the morning, another extremely friendly lady sells a number of Thai desserts including a Sorghum Dessert (ขนมข้าวฟ่างใบเตย), which I haven’t really seen anywhere else. It was pretty good. Price – 20 THB ($0.65)

Roasted duck (เป็ดย่าง) – Finally to end this Thai street food market tour, we again returned to the coffee shop where you’ll find some of the best roast duck and roasted meat. The duck was the highlight for me, and Aunty is so nice. Along with half a duck we also go the mixed meat rice (ข้าวหน้ารวม) and pork ribs (ซี่โครงหมู). Total price – 305 THB ($9.96)

Visiting Sam Chuk Market – 100 Years (ตลาดสามชุก 100 ปี) is a nice and relaxing day trip from Bangkok, a great place to learn about Thai Chinese culture, and there’s plenty of fantastic food to eat. The roasted duck is some of my favorite in Thailand.

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