Indian Food YOU WON’T Find in India!! EXTREME DOUBLES + Curry Roti in Trinidad & Tobago!!

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SOUTH TRINIDAD – The Indian ethnic community makes up one of the largest parts of the population of Trinidad and Tobago. Today we’re going on an Indian food tour in South Trinidad – and while many of the foods are Indian in origin and cooking method, they definitely have adapted to become completely unique on their own – Indian Trinidadian food! It’s going to be a delicious day with lots of food and lots of peppa!

Huge thank you to #visitTrinidad for inviting me to Trinidad and Tobago and for making this trip happen! Guide to the things and food in this video:

Friends in the video:
Zaak (Foodie Tales with Zaak):

Singh’s Doubles ( – Debe, Trinidad – Our first stop on this Indian food tour is at Singh’s Doubles. The entire town is known for their doubles, something you have to eat when you pass through. However, along with doubles, I was very excited to try something called a Saheena – a wad of taro leaves rolled up with dal flour and deep fried then filled up with curry chickpeas and all sorts of chili pepper sauce. Amazing!

Gewandass Doubles ( – Mosquito Creek, Trinidad – To continue we headed to Gewandass Doubles for their extra spicy “Diamond Doubles.” This might be one of the spiciest doubles you can eat in Trinidad and Tobago, where the barra (fried bread) is actually dipped in chili pepper sauce and a few more pepper sauces are added – there was way more pepper sauce than chickpeas. It was so tasty!

Aunty Doll’s ( – Fyzabad, Trinidad – We continued south a little more to Aunty Doll’s, a Queen of Indian Trinidadian food! She cooked the traditional way over clay chulhas and open fire and she’s just so cool. She cooked an insanely huge meal that included over a dozen different local Trinidadian dishes and roasted coconut chutney and buss up shut – slapped roti! It was one of the most memorable meals in Trinidad and Tobago – the flavors were incredible, and it was so interesting to see the combination of Indian food and ingredients combined with the green seasoning and flavors of the Caribbean. Makes for an incredible and unique food culture!

CPL Tournament – Finally to complete this day of food in Trinidad and Tobaog, we happened to be there at the time during the CPL cricket tournament. It was so cool to go to a match… and of course eat some more food!

And that completes another incredible day of food in Trinidad and Tobago.
Watch the full video food series here:

Again, thank you to everyone who made this video possible and to #visitTrinidad!





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