Greatest Ever Afro-Caribbean Food!! BACKYARD CREOLE COOKOUT in Paradise Island Tobago!!

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Big thank you to #visitTrinidad and Visit Tobago ( for inviting me to Trinidad and Tobago and for making this trip happen! Guide to the things and food in this video:

Breakfast with Carion – We’re beginning in Les Coteaux, Tobago, a small town in the mountains that’s known for preserving its tradition and cultural heritage. Carion and her family are preparing an amazing local breakfast of coconut bake, saltfish, and cocoa tea. Seeing the process and being able to hang out and eat was extremely memorable. Uncle’s singing and drumming was also a highlight.

Chef Danielle – Next up on this Creole food tour in Tobago we met Chef Danielle, from Frontline Flavours who specializes in preserving authentic Creole cuisine of Tobago. She cooked a pot of curry fish, callaloo, and cornmeal. The food was outstanding, so fresh and so flavorful.

Tom Tom’s – Tobago is also very well known for their sweets, and learned about a few of the local sweets including beni balls and coconut fudge – one of the local favorites.

Seahorse Inn Restaurant ( – Finally to wrap up this day for food we headed to Black Rock and ate at Seahorse Inn Restaurant, one of the well known restaurants.

Sunday School – Buccoo, Tobago – Lastly, we headed to Sunday School for some live steel pan music!

It was another outstanding and memorable day on the beautiful island of Tobago!





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