First time in Trinidad and Tobago!! 🇹🇹 20-HOUR STREET FOOD TOUR – Ultimate Food in Port of Spain!!

🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago – Ultimate Street Food Tour!
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PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Welcome to Port of Spain, the Capital of Trinidad and Tobago islands in the Caribbean! I’m so excited to finally be here. So many of you have written to me over the years inviting me to visit for the amazing food and culture, so it’s really an honor to finally be here and to explore the incredible food. Let’s get started eating, we’re jumping straight into a massive 20 hour day of eating local street food!

Huge thank you to #visitTrinidad for inviting me to Trinidad and Tobago and for making this trip happen!

Friends in the video:
Zaak (Foodie Tales with Zaak):
Baidawi (Eatahfood):
David (D’Market Movers):
Brent (Hungry Belly 868):

And here’s everything we did in the video, and all the food we ate:

Central Market – We started off today at the Central Market in Port of Spain, bright and early in the morning before 7 am. And with Baidawi and David, who go to the market every weekend to do their shopping and have breakfast, we were in the right hands. After exploring the market and the amazing produce and ingredients that go into food in Trinidad and Tobago we then headed to the food court for some local fish broth and cow heel soup.

EatAhFood – Baidawi makes fantastic food videos, especially recipes, and so we bought ingredients and headed back to his house to cook Callaloo, an Afro Caribbean food of simmered down taro leaves and pumpkin and coconut milk. It was so good!

Roti – One of the greatest of all Trinidadian foods is roti – different from anywhere else. The rotis are huge and fresh and then stuffed with pumpkin, potato, and curry of your choice. An afternoon bulging roti with Zaak, was absolutely delicious.

Queens Park Savannah – Port of Spain – To continue on with this street food tour in Trinidad and Tobago, we went to Queens Park Savannah for a coconut and then continued on to the evening street food market to sample a bunch of different local foods – everything from doubles to pholourie and roast fish.

Yousef Gyro ( – Trinidad and Tobago is so diverse and there’s even a local Middle Eastern population including Yousef Gyro, owned by descendants of Syrian immigrants. They make all sorts of wraps and gyros and combinations you won’t find anywhere else. This is the ultimate late night food in Trinidad!

Dass Doubles Factory ( – We did have a quick doubles at the street food night market, but we went to Dass Doubles Factory for the real deal late night doubles. They made the barras fresh and load them up with heavy peppa sauce and delicious curry chickpeas.

Hadco Phase II Pan Groove Orchestra Pan Yard ( – Finally to complete this day we were treated to a panyard lime to see the ultimate instrument of Trinidad and Tobago – steel pan! It was so cool to see and an amazing way to wrap up this ultimate street food tour – and they have delicious food!

Again, thank you to everyone who made this video possible and to #visitTrinidad!





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