Thai Desserts – Nam Kang Sai Shaved Ice (น้ำแข็งใส)

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There are all kinds of Thai desserts, but along with sticky rice and durian (or mango) one of my all time favorites is Thai shaved ice known as nam kang sai (น้ำแข็งใส).

Everyone makes their nam kang sai a little different but the basic dessert includes a choice of candied fruits and other sweet things mixed with sweet syrup and topped with a dollop of crushed ice.

I normally order the mixed shaved ice which in this case included geen noodles, water chestnuts, pieces of jackfruit some sweet potato and a few other candied items. It was then drowned in rich coconut cream and a big pile of coarsely ground ice was placed on the top.

While I’m not always a fan of all Thai desserts, this particular nam kang sai was excellent!

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Have you ever had any Thai desserts? What is your favorite?

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