Thai Yen Ta Fo Pink Noodle Soup (นายอ้วนเย็นตาโฟ)

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Within the realm of Thai cuisine are many different variations of noodles, both in fried and soup form. Along with boat noodles and tom yum noodles, one of the most local Thai popular types of soup noodles is known as Yen Ta Fo (เย็นตาโฟ). The noodles dish is uniquely pink in color which distinguishes it from most of the other noodle dishes in Thailand.

So what makes Yen Ta Fo (เย็นตาโฟ) Thai noodles so pink? Well the main ingredients that makes it this color is a tofu based fermented soy bean paste. Why is it pink though? To be honest I’m really not sure, and if you do have the answer, please share it with me in the comments below!

Anyway, Yen Ta Fo (เย็นตาโฟ) is a very popular Thai noodle soup that is usually served with sen yai, which are the wide flat rice noodles. The noodles are blanched in hot soup like other noodle soup in Thailand, along with a few sprigs of water morning glory before going in the bowl. Then the noodles are topped with all sorts of flavorful ingredients and seasonings. But the best part of a Yen Ta Fo (เย็นตาโฟ) in my opinion is all the little meatballs and porky goodies that accompany a bowl. Fish balls, pork balls, fried pork fritters, tofu pieces, and even some pieces of pork meat, and also chunks of squid, are all added to complete a bowl. The result is a very meaty bowl of noodles that tastes a little bit sweet, almost floral, from the fermented bean paste. I like to garnish my noodles with a few spoonfuls of chili flakes and a few spoons of chili vinegar. This sort of offsets the sweetness and makes the broth both sour and spicy along with the natural sweetness.

Yen Ta Fo (เย็นตาโฟ) is not my absolute favorite Thai noodle dish to eat in Bangkok, but nevertheless, it is a very popular choice and many locals love it. This particular restaurant is located near Bangkok’s giant red swing near Yaowarat Chinatown. It’s a long standing restaurant that serves up a pretty decent bowl.

Here’s the information you’ll need if you want to eat at this restaurant.
What to Order: Get a bowl of the Sen Yai Yen Ta Fo (เส้นใหญ่เย็นตาโฟ)
Prices: The bowl of noodles is 40 Thai Baht, which is a little more expensive than other places, but woth it!
Nai Uan Yen Ta Fo (นายอ้วนเย็นตาโฟ)
Address: 41 Soi Nava Thanon Saochingcha, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Phone: 02-2229701
Hours: 9 am – 9 pm on Weekdays, 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday
41 ตะนาว เขตพระนคร, กรุงเทพ 10200
เปิดวันจันทร์-ศุกร์ 09:00-21:00
วันเสาร์-อาทิตย์ 09:00-16:00

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