Khao Moo Daeng (Red Pork and Rice) ข้าวหมูแดง

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One of the top $1 dishes in Thailand is something known as Khao Moo Daeng (ข้าวหมูแดง). It’s available all over the country and is especially common in Bangkok. The dish, though including a number of ingredients and combinations, is really quite simple, quick, convenient, and pretty tasty – that is if you’re a pork lover!

What is khao moo daeng ข้าวหมูแดง? It all begins with a plate of rice that forms the base of the meal. Red barbecued pork, which is similar to Chinese char siu, known as moo daeng, is thinly sliced and placed on top of the rice. Often a few slices of crispy pork belly, which is Thai is known as moo krob, is then added on top of the rice as well. Some restaurants add a few slices of Chinese sausage, which I particularly find delicious. Though I didn’t get an egg this time round, a half of a hard boiled egg is also a common addition on a plate of khao moo daeng ข้าวหมูแดง. After all the meat is situated on top of the rice, it’s then topped with a lot of homemade red sauce that’s what I would call Thai barbecue sauce. It’s mostly sweet and tangy. When you eat a plate of this dish, it’s common to be served fresh sprigs of green onions. I like to grab a green onion in between bites so that it sort of cuts the sweet sticky barbecue sauce while you’re eating.

For this video I happen to be at a restaurants outside of Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom known as Tung Ha Seng (ร้านตั้งฮะเส็ง). Their version of the dish was alright, but honestly I’ve had it better a few times, namely at my go to best spot in southern Bangkok (though it’s a bit of a food journey to get there):

Found in sit down restaurants and Thai street food stalls, you’re bound to come across khao moo daeng ข้าวหมูแดง frequently when you’re in Thailand. It’s easy to order and find. When you see a stall with some hanging pieces of red pork in the glass cabinet, you can assume they serve it. A plate of Thai red barbecued pork over rice should always cost anywhere from 30 – 40 Thai Baht, but rarely anymore than that. It’s a real standard everyday Thai dish!

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