The Biggest Tourist Scam on Americans in Europe

It is not just Americans, it is anyone that does not have the local currency as their home currency. NEVER TAKE THE CONVERSION. If you are using an ATM in Europe or around the world and the ATM (or restaurant or store) offers to convert the local currency to your home currency, you should not take that conversion. The enticing part is that you know the amount of dollars they will charge on your account, what you don’t know is what the exchange rate your local bank may charge. In my experience private ATMs in Europe have had larger differences between the official exchange rate than my local hometown bank used. Thus I have seen up to 20% difference in the amount of money that I would have lost if I would have taken the conversion. Please note that many banks use basically the same exchange rate as your home bank, but you never know. You can always argue with your home bank. It is harder to argue with an ATM opperator on another continent.
Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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