WOW! My Kind of Final Meal in Bangkok – Bangkok Day 15

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I want to say a big thank you for watching this entire Bangkok travel guide video series, and I hope that it has given you some amazing idea for things to do in Bangkok and also for restaurant and Thai dishes to try when you’re in Bangkok.

Day 15 was our final day traveling or visiting Bangkok, and we started off at the hotel, where we relaxed for part of the morning. After packing up our stuff, we left our bag at the front of the hotel and headed off down Charoen Krung road to have one last final incredible meal in Bangkok.

1:46 Pa Krua Tuan (ร้านพ่อครัวเถื่อน) – Pa Krua Tuan (ร้านพ่อครัวเถื่อน) is an old Thai restaurant in the lower Charoen Krung area of Bangkok, and it was just about a 15 minute walk to get there from Chatrium Riverside hotel. When we arrived, the restaurant was just opening up for lunch, and we got a seat in the alley and ordered. Pa Krua Tuan (ร้านพ่อครัวเถื่อน) specializes in steamed dish, which are sort of boiled and steamed at the same time in small little bowls. They have all sorts of combinations of these Thai Chinese style steamed dishes. Kai toon (ไข่ตุ๋น) or steamed egg is something I always enjoy, and at this restaurant they made it incredible good. Ying and I also had the kra por pla toon gai ya jeen (กระเพาะปลาตุ๋นไก่ยาจีน), fish maw boiled in soup with mushrooms and some Chinese herbs and spices, it was equally as delicious. Another dish we ordered, which was unlike any other Thai dish I’ve had in Bangkok was pla duk tod krob pad ped (ปลาดุกทอดกรอบผัดเผ็ด), catfish that was deep fried to crispy and then covered in an amazing green curry chili paste. It was incredibly delicious as were all the other dishes we ordered. It was an outstanding meal to have on our last and final day traveling in Bangkok during this 2 Weeks In Bangkok travel guide video series.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to grab our backpack, and we caught a taxi back home (yes we actually live in Bangkok!).


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