Every Common Burger Alteration, Substitution And Mistake (16 Recipes) | Ingredient Swap

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It’s harder to achieve a medium-rare, tender, and juicy burger. From smashing it too thin, to over mixing the meat to adding a bit of gooey cheese, Insider’s Lisa Paradise made 16 different hamburgers to see how every single alteration, substitution, and mistake affects your perfect patty.

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Original
0:54 – Adding Cheese or Salsa
1:46 – Using Stainless Steel or Non-Stick Pans
2:10 – Adding Eggs or Sour Cream
2:55 – Smash Burger
3:17 – Moving the Burger Around the Pan
3:48 – Pressing down on the Burger
4:14 – Cutting it to Check for Doneness
4:41 – Overmixing the Ground Beef
5:07 – 90% Lean Ground Beef
5:38 – Oversalting the Meat
6:14 – Using Cold Meat

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Every Common Burger Alteration, Substitution And Mistake (16 Recipes) | Ingredient Swap

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