Extreme Food Backyard!! SMOKED CATFISH + Jungle Beans – Thailand Farm to Table!!

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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – Today we’re going to Sanpakai Hideaway, an organic food farm in Chiang Mai owned by an amazing family who are almost completely self-sufficient. From the vegetables to the fruits to the teas to the meats, everything we ate was from their land that they grow and raise.

This was meal was incredibly good, but what I really mean about “best food in the world,” is that no matter where you are in the world, if you’re able to grow your own food, everything fresh, nothing processed – this is the formula for the best food in the world – no matter what country you’re from.

First of all, we started with a tour of the garden and the farm. From rice paddy fields (which were dry at the moment during the winter season), to tamarind trees, bananas, and bael. We then took a look at the incredible fresh herb garden – a place to pick everyday greens, herbs, and tomatoes.

We made smoked catfish with sweet fish sauce, smoked chicken (which was incredibly tasty), an omelet made with chicken, duck, and turkey eggs, and finally a host of garden vegetables like rocket, mustard greens and coriander. Additionally, we picked some broken bones pods – also known as Indian trumpet tree. It’s been a favorite tree of mine for a while because it looks so cool and the pods are so unique. I’ve eaten it many times, but this was my first time harvesting them and seeing the entire process of how to cook and serve them. It was fascinating!

Again, when it comes to food, nothing can get better than local and fresh.

📍 Sanpakai Hideaway, Chiang Mai: https://goo.gl/maps/gczVNJqa7PEpBPtE9



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