5 Bottles To Stock On Your Non-Alcoholic Bar Cart

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Dry January is in full swing. And if you’re cutting out the booze this month, or longer, you may be looking for satiating substitutions, sans alcohol, of course. In fact, if you’re a regular drinker, your body may be craving the sugar it’s missing in your daily cocktail or glass of wine. As you curb your alcohol consumption, add in a little treat in the form of a mocktail, made from non-alcoholic (also called NA or 0% ABV) spirits, that offer great tastes and evening rituals, with hydration and zero hangover.

AMASS Riverine

Spirits company Amass reinvented its gin as a distilled nonalcoholic spirit, with all the botanicals and flavor, but zero calories and zero alcohol. The 750 mL glass bottle is elegant to uncork and pour straight up, on the rocks or even with some tonic to really taste the juniper, coriander, and orris root. $45, amass.com

St. Agrestis Phony Negroni

Skip the non-alcoholic mixology and let the experts tend bar for you. Made in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this expert distiller pre-batches imitation negronis in bottles seen at trendy bars throughout the borough. The drink is designed to pack the same bitter punch as its boozy counterpart, using botanicals and just a touch of carbonation to mimic the mouthfeel of alcohol. Just pop the top off and enjoy over ice, with an orange twist, if you’re feeling fancy. The brand has also added a new Amaro Falso to the lineup, for a non-alcoholic digestivo experience. $60 for 12, stagrestis.com

Wölffer Estate Petite Rosé Verjus

Proud winemakers of the popular Hamptons rosé, Summer Water, Wölffer Estate’s line of non-alcoholic wines are also very much worth sipping year round. Similar to their popular rosé cider, the verjus is a beautiful salmon color, made from grape juice and just a hint of acidity and carbonation. Tasting notes include pear, peach, apple and lemon, and with sugar at 72 grams per liter, the verjus is not too sweet. Serve chilled. $42, store.wolffer.com

Aplós Non Alcoholic Spirit

Created by James Beard honoree and master mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, Aplós was developed as a functional beverage, i.e. the antidote to alcohol. Two versions, Calme and Arise, cater to opposite occasions, the former infused with hemp to help with relaxation, while the latter has an invigorating blend of adaptogens including agave flower, lemon verbena, and black sarawa to get the party started. Both are sugar free, gluten free, vegan and can be enjoyed solo or in a cocktail. Cocktail company Twisted Alchemy also offers a Ultimate Zero-Proof Cocktail Kit, with cold-pressed juice and recipes to help users learn to make professional-level mocktails. $48, aplos.world


Eager to toast to a special occasion, or just celebrate the day, without consuming alcohol? TÖST is here! A favorite of non-drinkers since launching in 2019, this bubbly beverage is found in restaurants and bars as well as bar carts and refrigerators across the country. Made with carbonated water, plus white tea, blue agave, ginger, and quinine, TÖST offers a sophisticated flavor, without too much sweetness. It doesn’t mimic wine and doesn’t have to — it’s its own beverage. Serve on the rocks, or chilled. $27 for three 750 mL bottles, tostbeverages.com

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