Gas Station Street Food!! GREATEST UMAMI MEAL in The Fish Sauce Capital!

🎥 Slipper Lobster Tom Yum in Narathiwat –
🍴 Restaurant is Khrua Nasi Ulang (ครัวนาซิ อุลังค์)

Sai Buri (สายบุรี) – Welcome to Sai Buri, in Pattani province, on the border of Narathiwat in Thailand. This is the best and most well known area for Malay style fermented anchovy sauce, known locally as Nam budu (น้ำบูดู).

Khrua Nasi Ulang (ครัวนาซิ อุลังค์ Here’s the restaurant: – This amazing restaurant in Sai Buri, serves a dish called Nasi Ulang, a Malay dish of rice and a variety of vegetables (and also a variety of fish and curries), all served with tempoyak (fermented durian) and importantly, a few different types of fermented anchovy sauce.

Nasi Ulang is a meal that is also very common in the northern Malaysian province on Kelantan, which shares the same culture with this area in Thailand. The food was outstanding, the variety of vegetables and all the different dipping sauces, and the mis of fermented durian with fermented anchovy sauce – it’s a flavor that will always excite your mouth.

After lunch we drove down the road, and just into Narathiwat to see a small family run nam budu (น้ำบูดู), fermented anchovy sauce factory. It was great to learn about how it’s prepared and the important role that fermented anchovy sauce plays in the local Malay food of Pattani and Narathiwat.

Huge thank you to Muhammad and Rus from Papa Tagu ( for taking me around on another incredible day of Thai and Malay food in Pattani!

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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