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UDON THANI, THAILAND (อุดรธานี) – After a full day of foraging and eating Isan food in a village in Sakhon, Nakhon, we drove directly back to Udon Thani, and had the special opportunity to to eat at Samuay and Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์) – one of the most exciting restaurants in Thailand serving innovative Thai Isan food by Chef Num! #UdonThani #ThaiFood #Thailand

One of the things I love most about Chef Num is how he makes use of wild and foraged ingredients – but on top of that – using wild ingredients that come from villages and communities throughout Thailand. As an example, during our meal at Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์), there was this one ingredient that I believe was a kind of nut. Chef Num explained that it was almost extinct, but in this one village in Northern Thailand, they had it. So Chef Num decided to order some from the village, in an effort to preserve the ingredient. That’s just part of Chef Num’s philosophy and the honesty of the ingredients he uses in his cooking.

Another thing I love so much about the food at Samuay & Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์) is the balance of all tastes and flavors – but more on the medicinal side. He has an amazing way of adding layers of fermentation, bitterness, and herbs together that create such a harmony in your mouth.

Most of the dishes were Thai Isan food, but Chef Num explained that his idea being the “journey” tasting menu is that he uses ingredients from all over Thailand – like we had grouper fish (from the ocean), but with an Isan approach and thinking. This is the way that he’s able to innovate and progress Thai Isan food.

The meal was amazing, and a few of my favorite dishes were dried foraged bamboo with yanang leaf sauce, shrimp head butter green papaya salad, and 3 year old pig “moo ping,” – probably the best skewer of moo ping you’ll ever have!!

Samuay and Sons (ซาหมวย & ซันส์) is one of the best restaurants in Udon Thani for a high end culinary experience. Highly recommended, I learned a lot, and loved the flavors.

Also when you’re in Udon Thani, try Chef Num’s more family restaurant Mak Khang (หมากแข้ง

Thank you to Chef Num and thank you for watching this video!

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