Tastiest Bangladeshi Street Food!! Kalai Roti Making + Eggplant Vorta! | Kushtia, Bangladesh

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KUSHTIA, BANGLADESH – Welcome to Kushtia and this evening we are heading out to drink a special cup of tandoori tea before going to eat kalai roti and eggplant vorta – one of my favorite meals in Bangladesh.

First we headed out to drink a special cup of tea, of cha as it’s known in Bengali. Tandoori tea is the process of heating clay cups until they are red glowing hot, and then pouring premade milk tea over the cups so it scorches the milk and tea giving off a unique flavor aroma. The was sweet, scented with cardamom, and smoky from the tandoori process. It was a delicious way to spend a fantastic afternoon in Kushtia.

Next up we went into town to a restaurant that serves kalai roti, smashed eggplant vorta, and a variety of different chili dips and sauces. Kalai roti is originally from northern Bangladesh, especially Chapainawabganj and Rajshahi, but Kushtia is not too far away. They kalai roti is made from a variety of lentil flour and the bread is flattened out and cooked in clay pans over fire. The result is an amazingly hearty and healthy bread that non-oily and full of fiber and flavor. It’s specifically eaten with vorta, many kinds of pounded and smashed chilies and eggplant and mustard. The highlight was eggplant cooked in the furnace, smashed, mixed with shallots, chilies, and mustard oil. What a dish, the combination is one of my favorites in all of Bangladesh. Additionally we had duck curry and quail curry to wrap up our amazing meal.

Price – 350 Taka ($4.06) for everything

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