Chef’s Secrets! The BEST Places To Eat in Lima | Best In Travel 2023

Come hungry when you come visit Lima. It’s not only the capital of Peru, it’s also one of the culinary capitals of the world. In this episode, Chef Ricardo Martins of Siete Restaurante takes us on a delicious tour of Lima with its unique fusion of native Peruvian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. With the freshest ingredients from the Andes Mountains, Amazonian rain forest, and the Pacific Ocean, the restaurants of Lima prove this is one of the BEST destinations for all foodies and will leave you hungry for more.

Featuring: Ricardo Martins

Executive Producer: Annie Greenberg
Producer: Matt Paco
Director / DP: Jack Pearce
Local Producer / Camera Operator: Mariano Carranza
Senior Editor: Di Li

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00:00 – Meet Chef Ricardo Martins
01:02 – Lima’s culinary influences
02:01 – Chifa
02:43 – Maido & Nikkei
03:23 – Peruvian ingredients
04:43 – Rafael restaurant
05:16 – Isolina & Comida Criolla
05:51 – Ceviche & Don Fernando
06:34 – Tiger’s Milk
06:50 – Why is Peruvian cuisine so good?

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