Flights: Cancelled & Delayed – How to Survive Flying This Summer

Thank you to all the ground staff, flight attendants, baggage handlers, pilots, co-pilots, air marshals, gate agents, support staff, client services, that are doing everything they can to help everyone get to their favorite holiday destinations this summer.
Filght cancellations, flight delays, oversold flights, overbooked flights, upset customers, three hour long security lines at airports, Amsterdam Airport having issues, Dublin having issues, lots of headaches with flying this summer and honestly probably until 2023. But remember to book early morning flights to start off early, give yourself plenty of time, try to eliminate any legs of a flight you can, and have patience and kindness with you whenever you are flying as the airlines and their staff are overrun right now.
Filmed in Sorrently, Italy
Copyright Mark Wolters 2022

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