Malay FOOD CHALLENGE in Singapore!! 51 Dishes with Singapore’s Top Competitive Eater!!

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SINGAPORE – Today I’m going with my friend Ray and @ZermattNeo to go eat Malay and Indonesian food at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant – one of the biggest and most famous Malay restaurants in Singapore. Zermatt happens to be a competitive eater and the biggest eater in all of Singapore, so we decided to order one of everything – and that happened to be 51 dishes.

You arrive at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant and you’ll immediately see a line outside waiting to order and waiting to get in. It works cafeteria style where you get in line, see what you like at the front, grab and pay for your food, and then find a seat. I got in line and when I reached the front, I ordered one of everything – which again was 51 dishes. It was a little confusing and tricky to get all the dishes, but eventually we had everything on the table and were ready to eat.

The food was delicious, I love Malay food and Indonesian food. I especially enjoyed the rendang, the snails which were boiled in coconut milk and herbs, and all the different vegetable dishes.

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (

Total price for everything – S$147.60

Friends in the video:

♦️ Zermatt Neo – amazing competitive eater:

♦️ My friend Ray – Dream Academy Productions – The Dim Sum Dollies – Capitol Theatre from 26th August – 10th September 2022:

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