Philippines OYSTER MOUNTAIN!! Best Filipino Food + Fresh Eels in Cebu!!

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CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Cebu is such a fantastic food paradise and today I’m meeting up with my friends @BhenYuri and we’re first going to harvest and eat fresh eels at a legendary restaurant. Then we’ll be going to another place that serves the freshest oysters in Cebu to eat grilled oysters and the greatest milkfish I’ve ever had. Get ready for another delicious day eating Filipino food!

Entoy’s Bakasihan ( – Located on the island of Cordova, across the channel of water from Cebu is Entoy’s Bakasihan. Unfortunately, the founder Mr Entoy has passed, but his family is keeping to the tradition. They have a fantastic story of supporting the local fishers of the island by buying their eels and cooking delicious recipes with them. We had the honor to go out into the ocean in the morning to see the harvesting process. Then we headed back to the restaurant, saw the full cooking process of eel soup and fried eels. We then had a seafood feast, straight from sea to table. It was a delicious meal, and highly recommended.
Total price – 950

Temyong’s Talaba ( – Next up for an oyster mountain! We headed over to Temyong’s Talaba where they produce their own fresh oysters. We had a chance to see how they harvest them. Then you can choose your size of oysters, they grill them up fresh and you eat them with soy sauce, vinegar and calamansi. Additionally, something I didn’t even know we were going to eat was a stuffed and grilled bangus / milkfish. I’ve had it many times before, but this was the best one I’ve ever had!
Total price – 725

Both restaurants are legendary and if you’re looking for delicious food and a unique experience, you can’t miss them when you’re in Cebu!

Thank you again to @BhenYuri for taking me around, be sure to follow them for many more food videos in Cebu.





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