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FUKUOKA, JAPAN – Welcome to the island of Kyushu, and for winter during the oyster season, oyster huts commonly setup along the coast where you can come and order a bunch of fresh seafood and cook them on a grill table before you. Today, along with oysters, we found a huge abalone, the biggest I’ve ever seen!

1st Oyster Hut:
This is a very popular oyster hut about an hour drive outside of Fukuoka. The sea is so clean and fresh and that’s exactly how the oysters taste. Once you arrive they have a variety of live seafood and especially oysters that you can choose from. Then you go to your table and grill everything. These oysters can be eaten raw or grilled, but most like to grill them. It’s a great Japanese food eating experience especially with family and friends.
Total price – 8,100 JPY

2nd Oyster Hut:
We continued with this Japanese oyster hut tour to the second place, which was past Itoshima. This next oyster hut was more a of a local family home where they have opened up their backyard and garage to host seafood loving customers. I immediately loved this place and how family oriented it is – they catch and harvest all their own seafood. When she showed me the giant record-breaking abalone, I immediately had to order it. Grandma came out to slice it perfectly into sashimi and she recommended we eat half of it raw and half of it grilled with some oysters. They even had citrus in the backyard we could use for our oyster meal. It was truly a memorable Japanese food experience!
Total price – 9,550 JPY

When you visit the island of Kyushu during the winter, visiting a few local oysters huts is a must!

Thank you to Visit Kyushu ( for helping me organize this food tour.





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