Ultimate Georgian Food Tour!! 🇬🇪 TITANIC CHEESE BOAT + Market Tour in Tbilisi, Georgia!!

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TBILISI, GEORGIA – I’ve been wanting to visit the country of Georgia for a very long time – the rich history, the landscapes and nature, and of course the ancient food! So today we’re going on an ultimate Georgian food tour in Tbilisi, the capital and largest city in Georgia. It’s going to be exciting and we’re going to eat a lot of delicious local food. Sit back and get ready for the ultimate Georgian food tour in Tbilisi!

A huge thank you Kristo from Culinary Backstreets https://culinarybackstreets.com/ for taking me on this Georgian food tour in Tbilisi. Culinary Backstreets offers tours in cities around the world and if you use my code “migrationology10” you can get a discount on booking food tours.

Here’s everything we did in this food tour today:

Retro (https://goo.gl/maps/6BKFkPvqXDzmpfkj8) – Tbilisi, Georgia – This first place we went is a restaurant called Retro to meet up with Chef Gia who is a legend for his kachapuri. Now there are thousand different types of kachapuri in Georgia, many variety of cheese and bread, but this specific version is the Adjarian version. The dough is made into a boat shape and filled with two types of cheese, baked and topped with eggs. It’s one of the world’s great cheese meal experiences. They have normal size, and we got the super sized Titanic kachapuri – 6 times the size of a normal one!

Dezerter Bazaar (https://goo.gl/maps/JSaAcfVnEzDPeAku9) – One of the most interesting places to go in any city is the local market of bazaar to see the mix of ingredients and things that go into the cooking. Dezerter Bazaar is a great place to see the spices, herbs, and walnuts that make Georgian food what it is.

Tamtaki (https://goo.gl/maps/abXjU8g5h68hCWJZ6) – Next we continued on to Tamtaki where Chef Tamta is taking classic Georgian food and making modern sandwiches out of them using top quality ingredients and everything served fresh. Her cooking is fantastic and the sandwiches were absolutely spectacular.

Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan (https://goo.gl/maps/f3DrWs5LfN1FYbXv9) – No doubt this is a restaurant in Tbilisi with a lot of character set within a courtyard. Although they have a lot of dishes on their menu, we came specifically to eat fried chicken in garlic sauce, called shkmeruli.

Vino Underground (https://goo.gl/maps/PS8uJXg3dj8Fv71J8) – Being the birthplace of wine, we couldn’t do a Tbilisi food tour without stepping into a wine cellar for a few drinks!

Ezo (https://goo.gl/maps/v5m7wvqny3MuxGPQ6) – Finally to complete this meal, we had a giant supra meal – this is a full Georgian meal spread with appetizer, side dishes, and main courses, at Kristo’s very own restaurant! I fell in love with all the varieties and colors, and vegetables – all the walnuts and herbs used in the cooking. The highlight main dishes was a walnut stew and an herbal stew where the meat melted in your mouth.

What a day of Georgian food in Tbilisi, an incredibly fascinating and delicious city!

Again, thank you to Kristo and Culinary Backstreets for arranging – https://culinarybackstreets.com/ (code: migrationology10)

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