200 Kilos of Fish!! UNSEEN FILIPINO SEAFOOD – Freshest Adobo Octopus in Cebu, Philippines!

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CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Today I’m meeting up with my friend Carlo from @KalamiCebu and we’re going to Kuya Simo’s Larangan, where they have arranged some giant seafood to cook! They specialize in fish soups known as Linarang or Nilarang. We’re going to see the entire process, and the entire feast is coming up for you right now!

Kuya Simo’s Larangan (https://goo.gl/maps/QWDbdGBZL5txwM9T7) – First of all, a huge thank you to Kuya Simo’s Larangan and Jeffrey for hosting us. They went above and beyond and got some huge local fresh catch, a giant fish, giant groupers, and giant moray eels to cook the soups for the day. We also had a couple of octopus which they made adobo octopus – one of the greatest dishes of the Philippines.

After preparing the fish, they started cooking. Linarang starts with ginger and garlic and then tomatoes, tamarind for sourness, and the fresh fish. It’s a delicious fish soup that eats almost like a stew because it’s slightly thickened. They also specialize in dry pork adobo where giant chunks of pork are marinated and deep fried.

Kuya Simo’s Larangan is extremely popular and when it becomes 5 or 6 pm in the evening, people start to pour in for dinner. It was an amazing environment, packed house with so many people there to eat a local Cebu dinner.

Thank you all for coming and it was truly an incredible food experience in Cebu, Philippines – some of the best Filipino food!

Other friends in the video:
Carlo: @KalamiCebu
Bhen & Yuri: @BhenYuri
The Moaning Ice Candy Vendor

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this amazing meal and for all the gifts and delicious food, I appreciate all of you!



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