Trinidad’s Seafood Queen!! 🦞 LOBSTER MOUNTAIN + Breadfruit Oil Down in Toco, Trinidad!!

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TOCO, TRINIDAD – Today we’re taking a food trip to Toco, the northeastern part of the island of Trinidad and a lesser visited area of the island. Zaak and Tevin have been taking groups on food tours of this area because of the delicious food and laid back atmosphere. We’re going to eat pineapple chow, a lobster mountain feast, and finish with some amazing smoked breadfruit oildown, fish and ribs.

Big thank you to #visitTrinidad for inviting me to Trinidad and Tobago and for making this trip happen! Guide to the things and food in this video:

Friends in the video:
Zaak (Foodie Tales with Zaak):
Tevin (Totally Toco):
Alan Charles: @Trini_Surfer
Raymond Edwards: House of Angostura

Again, Toco is the northeastern part of the island of Trinidad and it’s less visited. As soon as you arrive you start to feel more relaxed. We discovered the people are some of the friendliest on the island and their food is delicious!

Here are the main places we ate in the video food tour of Toco, Trinidad:

Pine Chow Man on D Corner ( – Matura, Trinidad & Tobago – This is a must stop, he’s the fruit ninja of Trinidad and his pineapple chow is delicious!

Figaro’s Deli – Matura, Trinidad & Tobago – While you’re there eating pineapple chow, might as well stop over at Figaro’s Deli for wonderful local Trinidad and Tobago sweets.

Zola’s Delights – Matura, Trinidad & Tobago – Next stop, for some tasty deep fried snacks like pholourie – and her sauces were fantastic. I also really loved her jeera pork and chicken necks.

Aunty Kay’s Kitchen (​​ – Balandra, Trinidad & Tobago – One of the main destinations in the Toco area that we went to on this Trinidadian food tour was Aunty Kay’s Kitchen who is legendary for her seafood – especially local lobsters and crayfish. She had some amazing cooking skills, sloshing ingredients all over the place and adding sauces and coconut milk, and green seasoning on everything. She made an insane lobster mountain creation!

Maje Moon – Matelot, Trinidad & Tobago – Finally, at the end of the Toco road, you’ll get to Matelot, and it feels like you’re in the remote end of the island – which you kind of are. It’s a beautiful and laid back place, and you’ll find amazing food at Maje Moon. We enjoyed some extraordinary oil down with breadfruit and green banana, and smoked fish and smoked ribs. So good!

And that completes our huge food tour day in Toco, a must visit when you’re in Trinidad!





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