Ultimate Bangladeshi Food!! GIANT BEEF MEZBAN in Chittagong, Bangladesh!!

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CHITTAGONG, BANGLADESH – Welcome to Chittagong in the south of Bangladesh, along the coast, is famous for its mezban – a traditional meal celebration where a full cow is cooked into 4 different dishes. Today we have the extremely special opportunity to see the dishes of a mezban being prepared and to watch the entire process.

Mezzan Haile Ayun (https://goo.gl/maps/TBKPjdYTHNudh4nL9) is a restaurant in Chittagong with locations in Dhaka and Sharjah that specializes in mezban. We had the privilege to go to their central kitchen to watch the entire process. Every mezban meal starts with an entire cow – the full cow. The meat must be fresh and they parted it out within 45 minutes, all the way from cow to cubes.

The most important dish is the mezbani beef, a curry, but like a slow cooked stew filled with beef, a huge amount of spices, green chilies, mustard oil, and one of the signature tastes from a spice called radhuni. Every dish cooks over fire, slow cooked until fully mingled and flavors melting together. Additionally there’s black beef cooked in spices and dry fried until all the spices were caked onto each cube meat. Another dish is the daal, which is cooked with all the organs of the cow. And finally the bones which are cooked for the flavor, bone marrow, in a soup. The entire meal, all four dishes are a traditional Bangladeshi mezban.

The meal was outstanding, so much flavor so fresh, and so complex. All the dishes each went together in perfect harmony. It’s one of the best food experiences in Bangladesh and it was truly memorable.

Thank you so much to Petuk Couple (https://www.youtube.com/c/PetukCouple) for arranging this and for showing me around Bangladesh!

πŸ“Mezzan Haile Ayun: https://goo.gl/maps/TBKPjdYTHNudh4nL9



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