Whole Chicken + 10 Onions!! FOOD IN AFRICA – Senegal’s Unbelievable Chicken Yassa!!

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SAINT LOUIS, SENEGAL – Today we’re cooking and eating one of the most popular Senegalese foods, known as poulet yassa, or just yassa. It’s a dish of, in this case chicken, with onions and mustard sauce. You’ll find it all over Senegal and all over the world now, but originally from Senegal. It’s an amazing dish, so simple, and yet so tasty. We’re going to see the entire cooking process, and then be able to eat another amazing meal in Senegal, West Africa!

Thank you to Diana for hosting us at her amazing restaurant in old town of Saint Louis. We started with a whole local chicken, cut down and then fried in oil. The chicken was then combined with a huge bucket of onions, mustard, and a bunch of seasoning and and spices and served with rice. Again, poulet yassa is a dish that you’ll find throughout Senegal, it’s one of the most common dishes. I think it’s easy to make and it’s a food that everyone – young and old and enjoy. I was surprised at how tasty it is!

From Saint Louis we continued on this food tour to the amazing sand dunes of the Lompoul Desert of Senegal. The dunes were beautiful, we rode camels and then we ended with a local couscous dinner at the Lompoul Ecolodge. Dinner was delicious, and the local drumming was incredible – a great way to end the evening.

And that completes another delicious day, eating Senegalese food in West Africa!

Thank you to Pape Tatandiaye (Visit Senegal https://www.instagram.com/papetatandiaye/)



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