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SINGAPORE – Easily the most famous food in all of Singapore is chili crab – it’s truly an icon of a dish that was invented within Singapore. Today my friend Ray and I are taking you on an ultimate Singapore chilli crab tour – we’ll be eating the original version, a zi char version, and finally a higher end live seafood restaurant version. Get ready to eat some chilli crab!

Featured in this video:

Ray Tan – My friend Ray does lots of things, he’s a big foodie, and him and his family own Daisy’s Dream Kitchen (, that serves outstanding home style Perankan food.

Zermatt Neo (Competitive Eater @ZermattNeo ) – While eating at Keng Eng Kee Seafood, Zermatt, a local Singaporean competitive eater and YouTuber, joined us.

Here are the restaurants we ate at:

Roland Restaurant ( – Roland is a legendary restaurant, the ground zero where chili crab all started – well actually it started with Roland’s parents who initially cooked seafood from a pushcart. The story is incredible and inspirational how it’s now one of the most famous Singaporean food. We ordered the original version, which comes without egg. Price for crab – $78

Keng Eng Kee Seafood ( – Next up on this chili crab tour we went to Keng Eng Kee Seafood, a legendary zi char restaurant that serves Chinese food made to order in a laid back environment. They have quite a list of famous dishes, including the Chef’s recommended chili crab. We were able to see a bit of the cooking process, which was very cool to see. So many sauces and liquids go into the recipe which is cooked over a raging Chinese wok. The taste was quite sweet, but nicely balanced and something anyone could enjoy. Additionally, probably my favorite dish of the meal was their claypot liver, an absolute must order. Price for crab – $86

Ching Huat Live Seafood ( – Finally to complete this Singapore chili crab tour, we went to Ching Huat Live Seafood, recommended by my friend Ray as one of his favorite seafood restaurants in Singapore. The specialize in live seafood and they have the best of the best crabs from Sri Lanka. We got a huge crab, which was fresh and cooked perfectly in their chili crab sauce. This was easily the best tasting crab of the tour, so incredibly fresh, and the sauce of their chili crab was not too sweet, but more spicy tasting, and rich from the egg. One of the best seafood meals I’ve had in Singapore. Price for crab – $113

And that completes our chili crab tour in Singapore!



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