Spanish Food Tour – ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR in Madrid!! Best Restaurants + Tapas in Spain!!

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MADRID, SPAIN – Welcome to Madrid and today I’m hanging out with my friend @spainrevealed from Spain Revealed, and we’re going to take you on an ultimate Spanish food tour, specifically eating dishes that are local in Madrid. From churros to snails and tapas to cocido Madrileño, get ready for the ultimate Spanish food tour in Madrid!

Here are all the places we went to eat in this tour:

Chocolat ( – We started with churros at Chocolat, one of the best places you’ll find in the city. They make them fresh and serve them with creamy chocolate. The perfect way to start a day in Madrid.

La Casa del Abuelo ( – Next up, James and I started with a tapas crawl, first heading to La Casa del Abuelo for their amazing shrimp cooked with garlic and olive oil in a clay pan. They are delicious, especially with some house wine.

Casa Toni ( – Next up for Casa Toni, another legendary tapas bar in Madrid, known for organ meats like pig ears on the hot plate and sweet breads. Again, a delicious friendly place, and very Madrid culture.

Restaurante Casa Amadeo los Caracoles ( – One of my favorite places this entire Spanish food tour in Madrid was Restaurante Casa Amadeo los Caracoles, that’s a tapas bar that specializes in snails cooked with chili and all sorts of pig parts and sausages for flavor. Amadeo the owner is 93 years old and he’s so energetic with a heart of gold. He taught us how to eat some of his favorite dishes.

Posada de la Villa ( – Next up we continued to Posada de la Villa for roasted lamb. Again legendary, and so good!

Malacatín ( – Finally to complete this food tour, there’s no way we could miss cocido Madrileño, a Madrid specialty that includes soup made from a variety of meats, with chickpeas, meats, vegetables. It’s the ultimate heavy meal comfort food and something you have to eat when you’re in Madrid.

Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed this ultimate Spanish food tour in Madrid!

Thank you again to @spainrevealed – wouldn’t have been possible without him. Go check out his channel and videos.




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