UNSEEN Ghost Child Cries Out! | Kindred Spirits | Travel Channel

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and psychic medium Chip Coffey visit the Greene County Historical Society and Museum in Pennsylvania. While trying to communicate with one of the former overseers, William Cage, the team hears a child’s spirit whimper. They put a teddy bear down on the floor, and the spirit interacts with it. During an EVP session, the team captures a chilling EVP saying, “help me.”

Fearless duo Amy Bruni and Adam Berry take on the most emotional and terrifying cases of their careers as they help real families tormented by the spirits of late relatives. Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families turn to two of America’s leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence and bring closure to each home.
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