World’s Best Steak!! 🥩 INSANE DINO RIBEYE – Meet The KING of Beef!! | El Capricho, Spain

🐖 Eating at World’s Oldest Restaurant:
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LEON, SPAIN – Totally off the beaten path in the countryside of Spain is where you’ll fine
Bodega El Capricho, one of the greatest single steak restaurants on earth. Jose Gordon’s family raises their own oxen, much longer than typical commercial beef, and ages the meat to perfection. Sitting in an ancient cave wine cellars you will taste the best steak in the world!

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Jeffrey Merrihue ( Thank you to Jeffrey for setting up this once in a lifetime experience)
Kevin Chan (

We arrived in León about mid morning ready to spend an entire day at Bodega El Capricho, learning about the world’s best beef. Jose Gordon first brought us around the farm, taking us to a variety of places where he raises a number of different breeds of oxen. They were no doubt the biggest cattle I’ve ever seen, giant and healthy, so beautiful – so gentle and yet so powerful. One ox he showed us was over 1600 kilos, literally the size of a rhinoceros.

Next it was the tour of the processing facility where the meat is packaged and shipped. Seeing the best quality beef in the world all in one facility was amazing. What was also a highlight was tasting cecina, Jose’s signature beef which is salted and preserved in a cave for 4 years. The flavor was so intense and so delicious I almost couldn’t believe it.

Finally we headed back to the restaurant for the full beef meal which was the full tasting menu. We started off slow and steady and progressed our way to the main event, the giant t-bone ox steak, aged for 180 days and grilled to absolute perfection. The meat was unlike any other steak I’ve ever had, the most intense beefy cheesy flavor I’ve ever had. Truly as Keven mentioned, every other steak will be flavorless after this one. Eating steak in a cave is one of the most memorable food experiences and Spanish food experiences I’ve ever had.

What I loved about Jose Gordon is that throughout the process he truly treats his cows and oxen with respect. There’s no doubt you will find some of the best meat on earth at Bodega El Capricho.

Bodega El Capricho (
Price – 180 Euros per person




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