Extreme Japanese Food!! LOBSTER SASHIMI 🦞 Kaisen Don in Miyazaki!

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MIYAZAKI, JAPAN: Miyazaki, located in the southern part of Kyushu island in Japan is extremely famous for its chicken, beef, and seafood – including the prized local spiny lobsters. To today we’re driving along the coast of Miyzaki to eat some of the ultimate fresher seafood catch – including the freshest ever lobster sashimi and a kaisen don with raw seafood over rice.

Lobster sashimi: https://goo.gl/maps/E5A88xiyChpUCQNJ8 – The first place was off the beaten path, a small family run seafood hut on the side of the ocean known for their local lobsters. I chose one of the biggest they had – though not that huge. And in approximately 15 seconds it was lobster sashimi. It was so fresh and so sweet, and the lobster head was made into a delicious miso soup. Highly recommend this amazing little seafood restaurant in Miyazaki.
Price – 6,000 JPY ($45.89) total for lobster meal

Kaisen don at Taikai: https://goo.gl/maps/Br6rQpHLseWb6n4y6 – Next up we drove just down the road to the next bay along the coast, headed for an extremely famous seafood restaurant known for their lobster and kaizen dons. A kaizen don included rice topped with a medley of fresh seafood, this bowl included almost a dozen different seafood from abalone to fish. It was ultra fresh and pure. Finally we also ordered a big plate of fresh raw sashimi to complete this incredible day of seafood on the coast of Miyazaki, Japan.
Price – 2,750 JPY ($21.03) per meal



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