Bangladesh Food – KING of KACCHI BIRYANI for 30 Years!! Insane Cooking Skills in Dhaka!

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DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Probably one of the most popular and loved foods of Bangladesh is kacchi biryani. It’s truly a demonstration of the incredible flavor and diversity of ingredients and spices used in Bangladeshi food. Today we have the special opportunity to see Bengali kacchi biryani made from start to finish, all the way from fresh goat to plate.

Tajine – Nawabi Cuisine ( – Thank you to Tajine restaurant in Dhaka for making this happen. Their hospitality shined and thanks to them for arranging this incredible experience, being able to see the entire process. Chef is originally from Old Dhaka and brought 30 years of biryani making experience. He could literally make biryani with his eyes closed… not recipes, just his experience and knowledge of the ingredients. There were at least 18 spices, more like 30 ingredients all together, all layered and placed strategically for flavor. Chef making kacchi biryani was one of the most amazing recipes I’ve ever seen.

While the kacchi biryani was cooking, his brother in law made chicken pulau, another Bangladeshi food that eaten during celebrations and special occasions. Unlike kacchi biryani, the pulao is milder in spice, but more creamy and milky. Again it was an amazing recipe, the spices and ingredients, and the order and method in which it was assembled.

Three or four hours after we started, the Bangladeshi kacchi biryani was ready. The rice was unbelievably fragrant and flurry, and melted in your mouth. The spices were perfect, a harmony of flavor out of control. The fresh goat was so tender it collapsed on your fingers. It was literally a perfect biryani and one of the best versions of biryani I’ve ever had in my life – kacchi biryani!

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