EXTREME Street Food in Azerbaijan!! KING OF KEBABS + Local Food in Baku, Azerbaijan!

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BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – Welcome to Baku, an exciting city on the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan! Today I’m hanging out with my friends from reAzerbaijan, and we’re taking you on an ultimate and extreme street food tour – it’s going to be meaty! #ExperienceAzerbaijan #Baku

First of all, a huge thank you to reAzerbaijan for arranging my trip to Azerbaijan, it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

reAzerbaijan: https://www.instagram.com/reazerbaijan/
Adnan: https://www.instagram.com/adnanhuseynn/

As Adnan and Farhad explained to me, unfortunately during the Soviet period, Azerbaijan wasn’t able to develop their street food culture that much and creativity was omitted. When Azerbaijan broke away from the Soviet Union, it was the Turkish who influenced much of the Azerbaijani street food culture. So you will definitely find some similarities, and yet some differences.

We started this extreme street food tour in Baku by going to one of the oldest Soviet style cafes for a quick piroshky on the go. It was pretty oily, but pretty tasty especially when drenched in tomato sauce.

Amin Kabab – Next stop on this food tour, we went to Amin Kabab, a small neighborhood kebab grill for a quick Lyulya kebab, or chopped meat kebab.

Eskulap Restoran – If you’re looking for one of the best local Azerbaijan kebab meat restaurants in Baku, this is the spot. Adnan explained it’s a legendary restaurant he’s been coming to since he was a kid. They specialize in all things lamb, and along with a variety of stews and braised dishes, one of their specialties is the Khan Kebab, lamb liver wrapped in caul fat and grilled. I also loved the lamb braised in sour plums and barberries and the insane dessert kebab of ground walnuts and lamb fat. What a meal!

To continue this extreme street food tour in Baku we headed to a lamb street where lambs hang on the street, you choose your cut from nose to tail. The organs and jaws are some of the most popular items here. We tried lamb jaws and testicles – both of which were pretty tasty.

Köz Halil Usta – Finally to complete this food tour, we had to eat at Köz Halil Usta for tantuni, a Turkish in origin food, but one of the most popular street foods in Azerbaijan. They fry up beef slices with spices and sunflower oil and wrap into your choice of bread or lavash. It’s something you could watch all day being made and it’s so incredibly addictive.

And that wraps up Azerbaijani food tour in Baku. It’s an incredible city and the lamb and meats are spectacular!

Thank you again to Adnan from reAzerbaijan for arranging my trip!
Adnan: https://www.instagram.com/adnanhuseynn/
reAzerbaijan: https://www.instagram.com/reazerbaijan/



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