Sliding Door Flies Open on Its Own | Ghost of Devil’s Perch | Travel Channel

Cindy, Dave and KD are called to the house of Joe and Barbara Fink. Barbara awoke to a dark figure choking her, but there is no one in the house. Although the home does not have any of historical significance of the previous hauntings, this is no normal house During their investigation of this home, the team witness powerful displays of poltergeist activity and comes face to face with the dark presence or shadow man. This simple house on a quiet street may hold the key to what is haunting Butte, and why.

With the town now intent on rebuilding its image, it seems every renovation project is digging up a paranormal nightmare with residents and businesses reporting terrifying ghostly encounters. In an unlikely partnership, Mayor J.P. Gallagher and Sheriff Ed Lester have called in an elite team of paranormal investigators to help. When investigator Dave Schrader, tech expert K.D. Stafford and psychic medium Cindy Kaza arrive in Butte, they find paranormal activity that startles even them.
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