Village Food in Vietnam!! πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ Unique WHOLE DUCK + Vietnamese Barbecue in Ha Giang!!

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HA GIANG VIETNAM – Welcome to Ha Giang, in the mountains of northern Vietnam, on the border of China. Today we’re with Mr. Thien at his homestay where he and his family will be cooking a full Tay People festival meal – including a five colored sticky rice, a whole duck, a whole pig, and a fish.

A big thank you to YESD Travel Vietnam for making this happen: Highly recommended for authentic and responsible tours in Vietnam.

When we arrived they were already beginning the meal preparations. We were lucky to see the entire cooking process from start to finish. One of the traditional foods of the Tay People is five colored sticky rice, each color made from a natural coloring and steamed. Along with the sticky rice we had a huge assortment of pork dishes, including fresh blood and organ sausage, boiled meat, grilled meat, and probably my favorite of the meal – roasted duck stuffed with Kumquat leaves.

When the food was ready, they presented it on trays over banana leaves with a chili dipping sauce. Food in Northern Vietnam is not only about eating, but it’s about socializing, talking, drinking, and eating together.

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