How 70,000 Bowls Of Legendary Haleem Are Made Daily At Pista House In Hyderabad, India | Big Batches

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During the month of Ramadan, the most popular restaurant in Hyderabad, India, is Pista House, which builds a massive makeshift kitchen that can cook 200,000 bowls of haleem every day.

In Hyderabad, haleem is the go-to meal for Suhoor, the morning meal before the day’s fast, and Iftar, the evening meal that breaks the fast.

This thick and creamy stew arrived in Hyderabad from Arabia in the 17th century. In Arabic, it’s referred to as “harees,” which means “to squash” and accurately describes this hearty dish that is pounded by wooden mallets until it achieves its rich and gooey consistency.

Since its introduction to Hyderabad in the 17th century, the dish has steadily evolved into something distinctly Hyderabadi. While it is still made with traditional ingredients like goat and wheat, and pounded with traditional wooden paddles, Hyderabadi haleem has a distinct flavor that combines ample amounts of ginger, garlic, masala, and ghee.

In 2010, Hyderabad haleem was added to India’s geographical indication status list, a list that both acknowledges and protects the provenance of haleem and prohibits the sale of products labeled “Hyderabad haleem” if they’re not made in Hyderabad.

To find out how Pista House makes enough haleem to feed 70,000 people, we visited its central kitchen in Hyderabad, India.

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How 70,000 Bowls Of Legendary Haleem Are Made Daily At Pista House In Hyderabad, India | Big Batches

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