Food Tour in Okinawa!! DELICIOUS + BIZARRE FOODS Only on This Island!!

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NAHA, OKINAWA – Okinawa is an island in southern Japan, yet its culture and food are vastly different from what you typically think of as Japanese. Today I’m hanging out with my friend Yuji-San and we’re going to take you on an ultimate Okinawan food tour!

Thanks to my friend Yuji-San for taking me about Naha:

1. MEGURO miso soup stand: – We started off for the greatest ever rice ball and craft miso soup. It was a totally new experience and appreciation for miso soup.
Total price – 2,800 JPY

2. Tofu Soba at Takaesu Soba: – In Okinawa, soba is totally different from the buckwheat noodles you get in other parts of Japan. Okinawan soba is something nearly everyone eats for lunch and it’s more similar to ramen with wheat noodles and pork ribs. We went to this special place for their tofu soba.
Total price – 2,770 JPY

3. Ice snow cones at Fujiya Tomari: – Another thing you have to try in Okinawa is their snow cones.
Price – 1,350 JPY for everything

4. Okinawan Izakaya at Urizun: – In order get a taste of traditional Okinawan food, we went to Urizun. Again, dishes were totally different from anywhere else I’ve bee.
Price – 9,353 JPY for everything

5. Goat Sashimi at Nijuban (20th) Goat Restaurant: – Finally there was one meal I was not going to leave Okinawa without trying – goat sashimi!
Price – 3,400 JPY for everything

Okinawa is a wonderful island to visit with a truly unique food culture. Thank you for watching this Okinawan food tour!

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